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About Me

My family

My name's Cherry and I'm a teacher who likes making stuff. I live in Cumbria with my husband Stuart and our two daughters. We are all vegan.

I started cooking on my own when I was only 8 or 9. I was very lucky that after cooking with my mum when I was a tot, she was happy to let me loose in the kitchen and make whatever I liked. I used to get out the recipe books and make all kinds of things - all of them sweet! Cake was my speciality. In particular, massive trays of chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing.

I decided to go fully vegetarian when I was 16, and for a few years I believed that I wasn't causing any suffering to animals. It didn't dawn on me until I was 21 that eating eggs and dairy actually DOES cause a LOT of animal suffering and death, and that I didn't need to be doing that. "But what about cake!?" I thought. I immediately began experimenting with vegan chocolate cake, and created this website shortly afterwards so that other people making the transition to veganism had chocolate cake too. There weren't so many vegan blogs and vegan chefs in those days, and I'm still proud that my vegan chocolate cheesecake and vegan sticky toffee pudding recipes were the first ones on the internet. I have no qualifications in website design, cookery or photography (obviously!) so some of the pictures do not present the food at its best! Hopefully though, you will find your way around and find something that takes your fancy.

Since I went vegan, I've become even more interested in food and nutrition, and eat a FAR more varied diet than I ate before I 'gave up' meat, eggs and dairy. I'm always at a bit of a loss to answer the inevitable "so what DO you eat?" question, because if I started listing everything I'd be there all day! I love trying new food and creating new recipes, so my website has continued to grow. I don't get anywhere near as much time as I'd like to update Parsley Soup, but I do try! I have had lots of lovely emails and comments over the years and it's brilliant to know that my recipes are still useful to people.

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