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Useful Vegan Links
Vegan Information
Got Milk? - An infographic about the dangers of milk.

Net Veggie - Vegetarian web directory

The Vegan Society - Information, recipes and shop. Support the vegan society by becoming a member, and receive 'The Vegan' magazine.

The Vegetarian Society - Has good vegetarian and vegan fact sheets.

UK Vegetarian Centre - Information and help for vegetarians or aspiring vegetarians.

Vegan Campaigns - Campaigns, events, info & recipes

Vegan Family House - Vegan family in Scotland. Their site information, recipes, links and lots of chocolate.

Vegan Village - A notice board and links to vegan sites all over the place.

Vegetarian Guides - Veggie guides to Britain, France, Israel, London, The Lake District etc..

Veggie Quotes - Quotes and poetry of vegetarian interest.

World Vegan Day - Loads of vegan articles, news and reviews.

Vegan Socialising
Lancaster's Tofu Bandits -  Lancaster Vegan Group

Norfolk Vegans -  Norfolk Vegan Group

Vegan Camp -  Annual Vegan Camp at a different venue each year in the U.K.

Vegan Festival -  The vegan festival takes place each September in London. Lots of stalls selling lovely vegan things, a vegan bar and a chance to chat to people

Vegan Forum -  The Vegan Forum

Vegans 4 U -  100% Free dating site for meeting vegans and vegetarians.

Eco Veggie Fayres -  Fayres in Bristol, Brighton and Croydon and Reading.

West Midlands Vegan Festival -  Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton.

Vegetable Killers -  Vegetable killers forums

Vegan Fitness -  Forum for healthy vegan people who do exercise :D

Birmingham Veggies and Vegans -  Birmingham Veggie and Vegan group.

Animal Rights
Factory Farming -  A viva! site providing information about factory farming.

Adopt a Bat -  Adopt one of the resident bats at the Cornwall Bat Hospital, and help sick and injured bats. You'll be sent an adoption certificate and a welcome pack, and will receive an update every six months. (15)

Animal Aid -  Animal rights group that campaigns against all forms of cruelty.

The Meatrix -  Fantastic! Moopheus encourages us to go veg by revealing the meatrix.

The Wildlife Trusts -  UK wildlife conservation charity.

Tower Hill Stables -  Animal sanctuary

Uncaged -  Anti-vivesection and animal testing

Viva -  Against factory farming and cruelty. Online shop.

Wildman Steve Brill -  New York Naturalist

Dr Hadwen Trust -  non-animal medical research. Online shop sells chocolates, clothes, shoes and even vegan wine.

Vegan Food and Recipes
Cooking for Vegans -  If the thought of vegans coming for dinner is terrifying, visit Charley's site for info about shopping and cooking for vegan guests!

Dame Fandago -  Great recipes site with vegan, wheat free and nut free recipes.

Recipes for Vegans -  Vegan Recipes.

Scented Nectar's Page -  LOADS of links to veggie recipe sites.

Vegan Lunch Box Blog -  Great ideas for children's lunch boxes.

Vegan World Order -  Recipes and restaurants in U.S., Canada etc...

Planet Veggie -  Food, shopping, community things, information and articles for vegetarians and vegans.

VegWeb -  Really big US database.

Vegan Shopping
Green Valley Trading Co -  Natural products for health and vitality, including baby products from the 'Beaming Baby' range.

Montezumas -  Fantastic high quality chocolate made by a small and friendly company in Sussex. Loads of vegan stuff including a vegan hamper.

Redwood Foods -  My favourite company. Great veggie bacon, and keeps carnivores happy too.

Vegan Music -  Jules' electronica music

Veganline -  Vegan shoes from London.

Veganstore -  My favourite vegan site! Everything a vegan could want, especially the peanut chews.

Vegetarian Shoes -  Vegan shoes from East Sussex.

Veggiepets -  Pet food for vegetarian cats and dogs.

Vegan Health and Beauty -  Cruelty-free cosmetics and bodycare, such as Barry M cosmetics, YAOH products and Amura perfumes.

Wild and Free -  Rugby-based family company selling wholefoods and organic fruits and vegetables. Fabulous fruit and veg boxes with free delivery!

Vegan Places to Visit in Cumbria
The Watermill -  Working water mill in Little Salkeld, near Long Meg Stone Circle. Shop and vegetarian cafe, with vegan options. I used to live up the road.

Lancrigg Hotel -  Vegetarian Hotel in Grasmere. I think I could live here! Lovely hotel, friendly service and beautiful setting. Vegan chef - most things are vegan or can be made vegan.

The Village Bakery -  Village Bakery in Melmerby. The menu isn't well marked for vegans, but as it caters well for people with dairy allergies there are a few accidentally vegan things on the menu. It's also in my Dad's village!

Zeffirelli's -  Wholefood Vegetarian Pizzeria and (digital!) cinema in Ambleside. Fabulous Italian food, and a cinema as well!

The Lakeland Pedlar -  Wholefood vegetarian cafe and bike shop in Keswick. Great food, and their chocolate cake is actually AMAZING! Could sit there for hours. Handy for mountain biking vegans too.

Quince and Medlar -  Really fantastic veggie Restaurant in Cockermouth. VERY good food and wine!

Northern England Wine Tasting -  My Dad's Vegan Wine Tasting Page. He's also hoping to do vegan wine workshops if there's even demand!

Vegan Places to Visit
Bay Tree House -  Vegan hotel in Hastings.

The Royal -  Vegan hotel in Eastbourne.

El Piano -  El Piano - Vegan Tapas style cafe in York.

Fern Tor Guesthouse -  Vegetarian and Vegan guesthouse in Devon. Loads of rescue animals; pets welcome.

Making Waves -  Vegan apartments in St. Ives, Cornwall. Sea views and allergy free (no pets!).

Penrhos Court -  Vegan/veggie friendly hotel in Herefordshire. My friends got married here. The owner/chef is vegan and the food was almost all vegan and fabulous. The rooms are lovely too, and complete with vegan soap, Montezumas chocolate bar and rosehip tea :)

The Greenhouse -  Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Apparently it's open on Thursdays and Fridays at present, but is well worth a visit.

Herbies -  Herbies in Exeter, Devon. They don't seem to have their own website, so here is a link with more info. Biggest veggie Burgers ever!

Garden Organic Ryton -  Ryton Organic Gradens are between Coventry and Rugby. The gardens are really interesting and the restaurant, though not vegetarian, has many vegan options. Very good food!

Rainbow Cafe -  Vegetarian Cafe in Cambridge with loads of vegan options. You can't miss it as it's right on (or under!) King's Parade.

Vegan London -  Have a look at 'Vegan London' for other places to eat out in London, because it's just too overwhelming for me to list eveywhere! I've listed my personal favourites though.

Warehouse Cafe -  The place to go in Birmingham. Great vegan food, including desserts. The 'One Earth Shop' is just next door.

Saf -  THE place to go in London for a vegan gourmet dining experience.

222 -  My favourite restaurant in London. Perfect for dinner out on a special occasion (Wednesday, for example), and they have an 'all you can eat' buffet for lunch.

Rootmaster -  My favourite bustaurant in London! It's a vegan restaurant, in an old Routemaster bus :) Well worth a visit.

Inspiral Lounge -  Cafe in Camden, London. If you want vegan lasagne, tiramisu cake, chocolate mousse cake and a selection of vegan ice creams...visit Inspiral!

Vegan Children
Benjamin Zephaniah - Brilliant poetry for adults and children, and he's vegan too.

Granny's Garden Friends - A children's nature book and bedtime story set on the shores of Ullswater in Cumbria. Illustrated by my mum!

Herb The Vegetarian Dragon - Story book for youngsters, and I think Herb has his own recipe book too.

YPTE - Young People's Trust for the Environment - For children, teachers and parents.

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