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Vegan Creme Eggs

Cooking Time: About 45 minutes, with 24hrs resting time.
Quantity: About 6 eggs

I finished making these on Easter Sunday, so they're a VERY recent thing and hopefully I'll manage to perfect them before next Easter! I'm already wondering what minty ones would be like, and I want to try to get them to look a bit neater round the edges.


About 200g melted vegan chocolate. Keep the foil wrappers for wrapping!
325g caster sugar
100ml boiling water
70g liquid glucose (so, half of a 140g pot)
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
Natural yellow food colouring
Egg sized easter egg molds. I got mine from 'Cakes, Cookies and Crafts'


1) Heat the sugar and boiling water over a gentle heat until when you drop a bit of the mixture into a cup of water you can sort of squash it together into a soft blob.
2) Pour in the liquid glucose and keep heating until when you drop a bit of the mixture into a cup of cold water, you can make a soft ball between your finger and thumb.
3) Stir in the vanilla essence and pour onto a dampened plate. I didn't scrape the pan. Leave to cool for a while.
4) When the mixture is cool enough to handle, beat air into it with a metal knife until it becomes white fondant.
6) Store it in a sealed plastic tub overnight to 'rest'.
7) Make the chocolate shells by spooning or brushing several coats of melted chocolate into egg-shaped molds. Freeze between layers.
8) The next day, inspect the fondant. Mine was a teeny bit too thick, so I added a teaspoon of boiling water and beat it in with a metal spoon. Fill the shells with white fondant, making a yolk-sized depression in each half. Chilling them first helps you to do this.
9) Colour a small amount of the fondant yellow with natural food colouring. Dollop a yolk sized amount into one half of an egg and stick two halves together. Brush melted chocolate around the edges to seal them.
10) Put them in the fridge and let them rest for a while so the fondant merges together, then you could wrap them in foil.

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