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Easter Chocolates

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I've gone a bit beserk this year and have been having fun with chocolate after buying some molds and foil wrappers! This isn't a recipe, it's just an idea.


Lots of vegan chocolate! Dark, or a milk chocolate alternative made with soya/rice milk.
Chocolate molds. I used a rabbit chocolate mold for little solid rabbits, and a silicone mini muffin mold for filled chocolates.
Fillings, such as the caramel from my millionaire shortbread recipe or slightly squidgy chocolate truffle mixture.
Bags, ribbons, foil wrappers and fluffy chicks, or decorated boxes.


1) Break up the chocolate and put it in a bowl over a pan of boiling water until melted.
2) Just pour the chocolate into molds for solid chocolates. If you have bigger molds for filled chocolates, you'll need to spoon or brush at least two layers of chocolate (freeze after each coat) on the inside of the mold. Spoon in the filling and then top with more melted chocolate.
3) Freeze until solid and the chocolates come out of the molds easily. Wrap and package them up how you want to.

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