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Almond & Peach Muffins

Oven Temperature: 200C/400F/Gas 6
Cooking Time: 25 minutes
Quantity: Makes 12 muffins

I invented these by accident when I was house sitting. I wanted to make cherry chocolate muffins but there weren't any cherries, so I improvised and was surprised by how well they turned out! They are also nice with chunks of marzipan :)


275g (10oz) self raising flour
175g (6oz) soft brown sugar
25g ground almonds
1 tsp baking powder
100ml (4 fl oz) vegetable oil
200ml (8 fl oz) soya milk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 tin of peach slices or fresh peaches, chopped into chunks
Flaked almonds to decorate
About 2 tbsp apricot jam to glaze


1) Sift flour, baking powder into a large mixing bowl.
2) Stir in the sugar and almonds.
3) Whisk the vegetable oil, soya milk and vanilla in a jug and quickly stir it into the flour mixture.
4) Quickly stir in the chopped peaches. The total stirring should take less than 30 seconds and it's fine if it's really lumpy.
5) Divide the mixture between non-stick muffin tins or muffin cases and sprinkle flaked almonds on top of each one.
6) Bake at 200C/400F for 20-30 minutes or until risen and cooked through.
7) Heat the apricot jam in a pan or in a microwave until runny. Using a pastry brush, glaze the tops of the muffins with the jam.

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